Thinking About Winter – An Update

Preparing Hives For Winter

UPDATE – As the evenings are now steadily in the “chilly” range, I have now removed all my honey supers. All, that is, except two. These supers had a fair amount of uncapped honey in them. I was at a loss as I wanted to take them off, but they were not good enough to be spun.

So I have taken the queen excluders off these hives and placed the supers BELOW the brood boxes. I have done this a couple of times before. The warmth of the hive remains with the colony in the brood box. But there are reserve supplies just below should they need a feed.

I get asked am I not worried that the queen will lay eggs in there. Not at all. The queens are barely laying at all now as the days get shorter and the availability of good laying time is very short indeed.

Don’t forget to keep your hives warm and dry over winter. Hay bails around the back and sides can help keep the wind off. Maybe move the hive to a warmer spot where they can get some winter sun.

A good idea is to raise your hives off the ground. Maybe a small stack of bricks, building blocks, a stand or a pallet may help.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About Winter – An Update

  1. Yes, it’s certainly feeling cooler in the hills although warm temps will scatter across some of this coming week. Thanks for the heads up on winter prep.

  2. Thanks for the timely thought-prompter, Crispin.
    I was planning on one big last spin this weekend but maybe I will leave a little extra in reserve!

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