Terms and Conditions


Access to this site is granted on the basis of mutual goodwill.  All information contained within is provided with honest intent.  If any errors or omissions are detected, please inform me as soon as possible and I will attend to it as soon as I can.

Goods are always sold as new (unless otherwise stated).  I will source the best items I can to give you the best possible value for money.  My products therefore will not necessarily be the cheapest, but they will be well made.

If you receive a faulty product, please bring it to my attention on receipt and we can discuss getting you a replacement or refund as necessary.  Goods that are not returned as new, or have been in contact with bees or bee products cannot be refunded or replaced.

Pricing is always as accurate as possible.  However, there may be rare occasions when new stock received does not match the retail price advertised.  Should this happen, customers will be informed of the price change before products are dispatched.

Course Bookings.

The courses I run are bookable on line and payment is made at the time of booking.  This can in some cases be quite a long time in advance of actually attending the course.  I quite understand that people’s lives are complicated and situations can change.  Therefore I will happily refund the cost of courses to individuals up to one month prior to the course commencing.  This is because it is very difficult for me to resell that position in such short notice.  I hope you understand.


I am very often asked for opinion or guidance from members of the public about beekeeping in general and beekeeping equipment.  The opinions and advice I offer are always given with the very best intent and will reflect an opinion that people starting in beekeeping should adopt a basic form of beekeeping, and my preferred method is adoption of the Langstroth hive system.  I always attempt to balance opinions given with both the pros and cons if possible.


Individuals attending my property or any location that I am responsible for, that contains bees over which I have management, either to attend one of my courses, or to purchase goods from me, must understand that I have live beehives on these properties and therefore there is an inherent risk of being stung.  This risk is not necessarily any greater or lesser than in any other location where either bees or flowers are in abundance.  However, if an attending individual is aware of a likely severe allergy to bee stings does attend these properties, they must inform the me at least 24 hours before attending.  I must be informed if Epipens are being carried and any instructions as to their use.

I reserve the right under such cases to disallow an individual from attending a course and if that cancellation is within one month of the course commencing, a refund will not be applied.

I have been advised by medical staff not to carry Epipens on my property for use on attending individuals due to the risk of an improper use causing very severe reactions.  If anyone attending my courses or my property for any reason is stung, and suffers a severe reaction, the immediate response will be reliance on the 000 system.