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From: $200.00

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Beekeeping For Beginners Corses run from October onwards to about the end of March.  Please check availability by scrolling through the calendar on this page. In the meantime if I can be of any general beekeeping assistance please drop me an email via the “contact us’ facility on this website.

The available weekends are in green.  The fully booked are in red.  If you cannot proceed with payment, then the course has no vacant places. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A TWO DAY COURSE OVER THE WEEKEND.

There is quite a bit to know about managing bees and making sure they are well maintained in order that they do not suffer diseases or malnutrition.  I would strongly urge that you attend a short course to arm yourself with enough knowledge to do the right thing. The course will take place just outside Nairne at my home (155 Petwood Road, Petwood, SA, 5254).  The course starts at 09:00 and will run through to about 16:30 (on both days) with stops for tea and lunch as required.  Students bring their own lunches.

The cost is $200 per person for the course (+ gst). On the second day I will provide smocks and gloves for the hive inspection.  If you have your own bee suit then please bring it along if you wish.

I have also built in to my course a discussion about Manuka honey and the Flow hive as they are currently quite hot topics. The course is quite good fun and I am still in touch with quite a few former “students”.

To get started, I would recommend a book produced by the CSIRO and the University of NSW called Bee Agskills.  It is excellent.  You can buy a hard copy on line for about $25 or download it free if you have iBooks.

I have been asked by many people if this course conforms with Cert III in Beekeeping.  The course content covers the basics required for Cert III and more.  However, I am not a registered RTO as it costs over $8,500 to get accredited, with ongoing annual charges.  So, no I do not issue a Cert III and you are not required to have one to keep bees in South Australia.

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Beekeeping For Beginners
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 22 reviews
by Nik Surikov on Beekeeping For Beginners
whata cupla days!

What a cupla days! The presentation of the course was packed with information which was presented with obvious passion, yet calmly, in lay terms, and always underscoring important environmental and legal issues confronting existing and prospective beekeepers. A most enlightening experience. Thanks Crispin!

Thank you so much Nik. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I've been a bit under the weather, then ran another course this last weekend. Another group of lovely people.

Good luck with beekeeping. If you need any more advice, please do not hesitate to drop me a line. All the best.

by Ian on Beekeeping For Beginners

Attended Crispins course to kick-start my beekeeping interests. I have only had my bees for a month, so I thought that it was important to get first hand knowledge from someone with experience, and I found the course to be Informative, professional and generous. Not to be missed by anyone with an eye to getting starting in beekeeping.

by Chris on Beekeeping For Beginners
Confidence building

Thanks Crispin for a great weekend. So much good information delivered with such enthusiasm as you drew me into the macabre, fascinating and totally wonderful world of the honey bee. Your presentation culminating with hands on with your bees has given me the confidence to embark on my own bee journey in a very positive frame of mind with a sound knowledge base.
Confirmed today that I will be receiving my nucs by mid February. This two day course is a terrific introduction to the wonderful world of bees.

Thanks for the kind review Chris. And I'm particularly delighted you have your bees confirmed. I'm an email away if you need me. Crispin.

by Rik on Beekeeping For Beginners
It's a must for beginners!

I attended Crispin's course with my father in law. I just bought a property with bee hives and my father in law is looking into setting up his own hives.

Crispin is extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, conveys his knowledge in a fun, friendly and passionate way, that has now given me the tools and confidence to look after my hives. Also, the father in law is very keen to get started with bees.

The chance to interact with Crispin's bees before the slightly daunting task of doing this solo with my own bees was amazing, as I now have confidence to do so!

I highly recommend.

Hello Rik. Thank you for the review. It was great to not only be able to help you set up your hives, but also teach you how to look after them. I'll get those frames made up for you that you ordered very soon. I thought the attendees on this course were all great fun and very different. Good luck with your cafes and make sure you keep some time to look after and enjoy your bees. Crispin

by Loene on Beekeeping For Beginners
Superb and informative

Two amazingly informative days about beekeeping with a superb presentation given by Crispin. Truly wonderful !

Thank you very much Loene. I’m glad you enjoyed the course. Sorry I couldn’t do much about the chilly weather. It was lovely to have you here over the weekend. Good luck with your bees. If you need advice I am only an email away.

by Belle and Jed on Beekeeping For Beginners

What a weekend! I came to the course with my partner who was very keen to start a beehive. I on the other hand was quite unsure but after this course I'm feeling very excited for us to start! Crispin is a great teacher with so much enthusiasm it's hard not to get excited. The days were packed with really interesting info, hands on experience and delicious morning teas!! Can't recommend more highly!!

by Wendy Martin on Beekeeping For Beginners
Beekeeping for beginners

Crispin beekeeping, a weekend of fascinating and practical advice .
A small group of 8 meant we could have hands on experience and have all our questions answered. Crispin kept it lighthearted and fun with plenty of anecdotal experience to illustrate
the reality of managing a colony of bees , sighting the queen and extracting honey. All of the group were inspired and confident to plunge headlong into keeping bees.

Plunge away Wendy!!! Thanks for coming along. I thoroughly enjoyed having you all here at the farm. Thank you for taking the time to write a review also. That was kind indeed. Good luck with the bees.

by Paul Silby on Beekeeping For Beginners
Awesome course

Crispin's course is two days packed with information, but such an excellent starting point for a beginner. Lots of practical guidance and material, hands-on experience with the bees and an honest assessment of the pros & cons of your choices as a new beekeeper. It's paced nicely that you still have time for interactive questions during the sessions. I really appreciated it and would recommend it to anyone, as it was to me.

A big thanks Crispin and I'll be back to see you again in the future.

Hello Paul. Thanks for taking the time to put down some nice words. very kind of you. I must say, that was a great fun group of people on the last course. Thanks for being part of it. All the best.

by ken kirkland on Beekeeping For Beginners
Beginners Bee course

I have been bee keeping for a little while but lacked some basics and confidence. Crispin's course and knowledge helped me fix those short comings. I now have much more confidence and have learned even more than I would have hoped. I cannot recommend Crispin's course and his knowledge of his craft highly enough, even if you have a working knowledge this course is so helpful. Crispin is a master of his skill. My Bee's will be better looked after now as a result of what he has taught me.

Hello Ken. Thank you so much for posting those kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed the course and have gained something from it. You have a nice strong hive and it's in a great place. So hopefully you now have the tools to really enjoy the hobby. Keep in touch, I'm only just down the road.

by Kathryn Hawkins on Beekeeping For Beginners
2018 bee keeping course

What an amazing course!
I can highly recommend this course for anyone who has an interest in bees and bee keeping. The course is friendly and highly informative giving great opportunities for hands on experience. Crispin’s expertise and years of knowledge mixed with his great sense of humor added to the overall weekend experience.
We took over two hours to travel to this course and it was well worth every minute and dollar spent. Since I have undertaken this course Crispin has always been happy to help and guide with further information or direct me to the appropriate source.
Even the baked goods were delightful; it’s well worth the five stars and more.

Nice to hear from you Kathy. Thank you very much for taking the time to post a review. Eve's biscuits and cake were pretty good, I have to admit.

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5 reviews for Beekeeping For Beginners’ Course

  1. Amanda Cooke

    A wonderful way to gain confidence and skills relating to beekeeping. I have walked way from Crispin’s 2 day beginner’s course full of enthusiasm and excitement about the possibility of setting up my own hive in the near future. Prior to attending the course I was not sure if I would be able to gain the knowledge required to feel like I could achieve this successfully but Crispin has a remarkable way of passing on valuable information and structuring the course in an easy way to enable beginners to understand. I certainly learnt a great deal and others in my course who already have hives who seemed to be learning skills and ideas from Crispin’s teaching too. Thank you Crispin for the valuable knowledge and the added bonus of delightful honey baking as well as honey warm straight from the hive.

    • Crispin Boxhall

      Hello Amanda. It was lovely to have you here at the farm. I thought all the group were great fun and seemed really engaged in what was going on. Thank you for coming to my course; I’m glad you found it motivating. When you get your bees and get started I’ll be at the other end of an email if you ever need ongoing advice. Keep in touch and the best of beekeeping luck.

  2. Cheryl and Robyn

    We attended the Beekeeping for Beginners course on the weekend – it was great! We have wanted bees for about 2 years and had a hive for about 2 months, we’d read books and been to some short talks, but still been intimidated about starting! Crispin’s course was fun and relaxed, but full of information and practical tips so we now feel confident about starting.
    We have purchased a Flow hive and appreciated Crispin talking through the pros and cons of this model, as compared to a more traditional hive. Crispin’s focus on providing the best care and conditions for bees to thrive really fit with our own values and approach as to how we want to keep bees. We would recommend this course to anyone thinking about beekeeping!
    Cheryl and Robyn

    • Crispin Boxhall

      Hi Cheryl and Robyn. Thanks for coming on the course. And thank you for those very kind words. I do try to keep my course “bee focused” and I hope you can apply what you have learned here to your own set up. Have fun with your bees and all the very best of luck. Yours, Crispin

  3. Lisa Sanderson

    While beekeeping might not be “brain surgery”, there certainly is a lot to know. This course is the perfect balance of theory, honey tasting, delicious homemade honey baked “surprises”and most importantly hands on hive experience. Crispin is a great teacher and very patiently answered all of my 101 questions!
    I’m now so excited to get started with hives of my own!

    • Crispin Boxhall

      Hi Lisa. I loved your questions and you were a delight to have on the course. Thanks for getting involved. I had a great weekend with all of you. Good luck with beekeeping.

  4. Mark Langkilde

    I have just completed the second short course offered by Crispin, this being Queen marking, The course is only a few hours long but lots of fun, working through a few hives looking for Queens and each of us marking one.
    Thanks Crispin, I enjoyed the short course, it will give me the tools to mark my Queens.

  5. Mark Langkilde

    I am fairly new to beekeeping and have gained a lot of knowledge over the last few years but I am sure there will be lots more to learn.
    The Beekeeping for beginners course that I attended Dec17 was very friendly and informative, I was able to see in the course what I was doing right and what I could maybe do better. The great thing about the second day was we suited up and looked though a number of hives, found some Queens, looked through some brood and tasted honey straight from the hive, all in all a worth while two days.

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