Mid Winter Hive Check

Mid winter hive inspection

It was such a glorious morning today that I had to just stick my nose into a few hives and see how the bees were doing.

I was very happy to see that bee numbers were very good and that none of the hives I inspected had depleted their winter stores. I was concerned because of all the very cold nights we have had here in the hills.

But on those lovely sunny days the bees have been out and about and have definitely been finding good flowers because every hive had new honey and combs in them.

Of the 11 hives I had a look at only one did not have any brood activity which leads me to think that it might be a queen less hive. A shame as that colony always did quite well. All the other 10 had brood developing. Have a look at the size of the brood ball on the central frames from one of my hives…

Nice large patch of brood. and have a look at that lovely yellow pollen

Sadly, the temperature suddenly dropped at about 2:15 as the sun went behind the clouds so I was not able to go into any more hives. I’ll have to save them for another sunny day.

If you are getting into your hives on these sunny days, keep the visits short. You are just trying to get a snapshot of what is going on in there. To feed or not to feed? Now that is a question. Fortunately my hives seem to be finding supplies.

Don’t forget to keep records of your inspections. Remember, we are required to submit inspection notes nowadays at registration time.