About us

Eve and I live on a small country property just outside Nairne in South Australia.  We moved here in December 2015.  It is a stunning part of the country with a great view down the valley.

As well as our bees, we run a small menagerie of 30 Dorper ewes, 2 peacocks and 2 dogs.

Currently we have just over 70 hives that keep us pretty busy producing a variety of really nice honeys that change through the seasons.

Currently we supply honey to “The Source“, who have two shops.  One in Mitchum and the other in Glenelg.

I also supply honey to our local newsagent and grocery store in the middle of Nairne.

To support the beekeeping side of the business, I sell a range of beekeeping equipment that is of good quality without being too expensive.

We have a small mud-brick cottage on this property which I have converted into a classroom.  It serves really well for teaching beekeeping and other workshops.