Are you interested in buying good quality raw honey?

The honey I produce derives from flowers around the Adelaide Hills. I am based in Petwood (not far from Mount Barker and the village of Nairne).

I currently have over 70 hives which I tend to put out in groups of about 10 or so.

The honey that I get from my hives is termed “Mixed Flora” which basically means that it is derived from the nectar of a wide range of flowers. You will see in shops single source honey like Stringbark, Leatherwood, or Bluegum and the like. This is because those beekeepers have been able to move hives with no honey into a large area of flowers where there is a dominant flower type. So they can confidently state that this particular honey drawn from this particular area is a particular type of honey.

Because my honey is multi floral it will change its colour, viscosity, taste and texture as the seasons change. This is because the nectar of different flowers will produce honey with different characteristics. It makes the honey more enjoyable I believe.

I currently sell honey from home and from the following stores…

If you would like to come to the house to buy honey (or beekeeping equipment) you will be very welcome. However, please bear in mind that I live and work on a small farm and I have the same requirements for the doctor, dentist, bank, dry cleaning, shopping and other things. So please drop me a line, text or call on 0477 172 171 so we can put a date in the diary for you to come round.

Thank you.

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