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Due to the COVID19 outbreak we are taking measures to ensure our customers’ and our safety. We are still happy to have visitors to come to the property to attend courses or drop off your brood boxes if you are buying a colony from me. But we do require a booking so that we do not have too many people here at one time. Please text, email, WhatsApp or telephone for an appointment.

For those attending the property please note that hand sanitiser is available and will be used. We also require that you have the CovidSafe app running in the background on your phone.

If you have any questions you wish to raise, please drop me a line at crispin@crispinsbeekeeping.com

Welcome to my site.  I am a very passionate beekeeper, so I use the best materials to hopefully produce the best honey and maintain my bees in the very best health.  I hope you find what you are looking for.  If not, please get in touch and let me know what you need.

The story so far … I had a very engaging Biology teacher at school who kept bees as a hobby. He made them sound so interesting. For years I have wanted to keep bees.

In 2009, when I stopped travelling for work, I suddenly found that the opportunity had arisen. I read several books and attended a course and soon realised this is what I wanted to do with my spare time. I bought a few hives and took the plunge.  The fascination has remained with me and I have increased the number of hives I have.

We moved to Petwood (just outside Nairne, SA), in the Adelaide Hills in December 2015. A lovely, quiet part of the world with great rolling countryside and all manner of birds and other wildlife. We even have a tree reported to be 600 years old.

Not only do I sell honey but I also teach Beekeeping For Beginners from my home in the Adelaide Hills

This Youtube video clip from the ABC Gardening Australia programme will give you a nice impression of the area in which I run my courses.